Spurs, bunions, and a shortened Achilles heel are a few injuries Dr. David Gunther with Westside Podiatry in Cy-Fair said are related to our shoes. Many overuse injuries, many acute injuries and injuries caused from years of high heels, Gunther said. The damage might require surgery to reverse the pain. He said the worst offenders are stilettos with a pointy toe. Even though he's not thrilled with the thought of any heels, he recommends something with a platform and a wider toe box. The platform in front will limit the effects of the height of the heel, he said. Right away, Gunther added, everyone that has or is going to wear heels ever again should stretch! The exercises one should do, most importantly is the Achilles tendon stretch, also known as the runners stretch, Gunther said. Any way to stretch the muscles in the opposite direction that your high heel positions them will help strengthen your feet.

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